Huron Superfriends is a childcare centre located in Huron Street Public School. Superfriends currently runs two programs, a Kindergarten and a School Age Program.  It is licensed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to provide care for 55 children from six to twelve years of age for the School Age Program, and 40 children from three and a half to five years of age for the Kindergarten Program.  During the school year, only Huron Street Public School children are eligible for daycare enrollment.  In the summer months enrollment is open. 


The philosophy of our daycare is reflected in the way our program unfolds each day.  It is a place where children come and feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease after having spent the largest portion of the day in the classroom.  Superfriends is a place where children enjoy friendships, pursue individual interests or participate in group activities. 
Many of the choices are left to the children.  The teachers are always ready to respond to the needs and interests of the children, and are sensitive to their individual needs.  All learning is regarded as equally valuable.  Children’s choices are respected.  Where children find interest and value they give the most of themselves.  Choices provide children with opportunities to use and develop their skills, imagination, and creative powers at their own level and pace, in group settings or individually, with praise and encouragement, and without pressure.
Children’s self-concepts are influenced by the quality of their interactions with others.  Helping children feel good about themselves and encouraging a sense of worth and accomplishment is most important to Huron Superfriends.  Through our daily contacts with the children, we help to instill a sense of mutual trust, confidence, and respect for each other as individuals.


A child is an active and dynamic entity, a social being with a strong desire to belong.  Security or lack thereof is directly related to the feeling of belonging within a group.  The child needs to find his or her place.  Through encouragement the child grows in independence, develops a sense of belonging, self-respect and accomplishment. 
At Huron Superfriends, each child is shown respect for his/her needs, wishes and rights as an individual.  In turn, the child will develop respect for others and their rights.    Children are encouraged to verbalize their feelings.  Hurtful behavior is discouraged.  Communication between teacher and children is of utmost importance so that together they find ideas to solve a problem or improve the situation.   Self-discipline is encouraged.  Limits are set keeping in mind the safety and well being of all children. 


Daycare teachers supervise the children’s activities and must know where they are at all times.  During some activities children are self-directed while in others the activities are teacher led.


Huron Superfriends recognizes the value of an environment in which respects diversity.  We celebrate a variety of cultural and religious events and traditions.  Huron Superfriends encourages families to share their ideas and materials with staff to help the children understand and respect all cultures.