****PLEASE NOTE: Superfriends will be relocating to Palmerston Public School for the first 8 weeks of summer 2019. Located at 734 Palmerston Ave. Toronto. We will be back at Huron Public School for the final week of summer! ****

​Superfriends staff has planned a super fun summer for everyone, our calendar of events is posted below! Click on the link to see what we might have planned for you! ​

Welcome to Huron Superfriends Kindergarten Summer Camp

SAFETY REMINDERS!!! -- Anaphylaxis Alert
Absolutely NO NUT PRODUCTS, or FISH PRODUCT we have campers that have severe allergies.

Emergency Information Required
Every year we need to ensure that all the information we have on file is accurate.
Should there be any emergency we need to be able to contact you and valuable time could be wasted if the information we have is not accurate. Emergency contact forms can be found in the main office of Huron Superfriends (in the Annex building).

We are located at 541 Huron street, which is 2 blocks North of Bloor Street and two blocks East of Spadina Road. There are 3 subways stop surrounding our facilities: St. George, Spadina and Dupont subway station. They all are within 5 minutes of the Center. The Kindergarten program will be located in Room 6 of Huron Public school, please be sure to drop off and pick up your children there. Huron Superfriends main office is located in the Annex building behind the school on the main level.

Arrival and Departure/ Days of Closure

During the summer months, Huron Superfriends is open from 7:30 a.m until 6:00 p.m. Children should arrive at camp by 9:30 a.m as some field trips will take place in the morning (please check our summer calendar to make sure your child/children are here on time for the buses) and interest groups will begin. Any parents/guardian picking up children must sign out on the attendance board and note the time out.Children must be signed out of camp, by 6:00 p.m.

Due to the length of travel time and trip location, some field trips will leave camp earlier. A note will be posted in the Huron Superfriends rooms entrance way of room 6 to remind parents of earlier departures and/or later arrival times back at camp.

Huron Superfriends will be closed on Canada Day, as well on the Civic Holiday, and the last Friday of the summer holidays for cleaning.

If you have any questions please call (416) 921-7551 and feel free to speak to any Huron Superfriends staff member regarding program content at any time.

Huron Superfriends supervisors can also be reached  by email at any point during the day. We wish all our families and friends a safe, warm and magical summer time.

What To Bring To Summer Camp
(Please label all belongings)
Knapsack with shoulder straps for belongings (children’s hands must be free)
Bathing suit and towel (for water play days)

Children should have in their cubbies:
Running Shoe (closed toed shoes) * Sandals cannot be worn to some locations*
Gym clothes (short, t-shirt, for sport activities participation)
A hat
A lunch daily           
An extra t-shirt, shorts, to leave in cubby while attending
Plastic water bottles brought by children must be labeled clearly with child's name prior to arrival at camp.
(Toys and cards from home are not permitted at camp.)

Huron Superfriends Hats and T-shirts
Huron Superfriends campers will be sporting their own hat and t-shirt for the summer program. Every child in the program will get a hat and a t-shirt and your fees will be adjusted for the first week of camp with an extra $25.00. All children will must wear the hat every time we go on FIELD TRIPS. All hats will be labelled with each child name and the hats will be yours to keep at the end of the child’s stay at Huron Superfriends summer camp. Children as usual are required to bring their own hat every day-BUT-if they forget their own they will have to wear their Huron Superfriends hat when outdoors.

This will help us ensure that all children have and wear appropriate head cover, when spending many hours outdoor and make it easier for us to be identifying when we are in public places.

Field Trips / Children's Outings
Field trips will take place on Thursdays (and some Wednesdays). Shorter outings may occur daily, however full day trips will be held on Thursdays (check your summer calendar for more details). Permission form will have to be sign prior each trip. The form will be available on the Monday of the trip.

Every Tuesday, the Huron Superfriends Kindergarten program will be doing an outing to Jean Sibelius park for a picnic in the park day. The children will bring their own lunches, and the staff will set up activities for children to do in the park.

*** Please make sure your child/ children have a water bottle and hat as we will be outside for a long time ***

Crafts, Sports, and Other: teacher directed activities
Throughout the week the children will enjoy spending time in smaller groups doing crafts and sport activities. Many different activities will feature (tennis, baseball, ringette, floor hockey, ball games, soccer, volleyball, basketball, painting, picture frames, wood art, paper mache, clay, plastercine, jewellery making, tie dyeing and much more).

Free Choice Time
During the day the children will have 2 to 3 free choice times. Unlike other camps we provide for times for THEM to choose their activities: play board games with friends, dodgeball, 4-square, drawing, playing tag, read a book on the bean bags, legos, sand and water tables…moments to relax, make new friends, and enjoy their summertime!

Workshops and Presentations
A popular event for children has always been workshops presented by visitors. This summer we'll see a wonderful variety of different events for our campers. A Drumming workshop, a Zumba workshop, Magic, Dancing and many more. All will take place throughout the summer camp, all of our workshops will be hosted on Mondays. See your schedule for more details

(a schedule will be posted in both kindergarten rooms for your convenience as well).

Theme Days
In addition to the wide variety of events daily, Fridays at camp will feature a specific theme, Pajama Day, Fashion Show, Multicultural Day, Talent Day and more. This year every Tuesday we will have a Water fun day (to cool us off from our day trip) so be prepare to get wet!!! Water toys are welcome. Please make sure your children have a bathing suit, or change of clothes to wear, a towel, and a pair of sandals, or they WILL NOT be able to participate. 

The daily schedule is posted in the each of the Huron Superfriends classroom entrance way. Please familiarize yourself with daily events and keep in mind that children will be absent from Huron Superfriends daily on outings. If your child is absent, please
phone Huron Superfriends by 9:00 a.m. and inform the staff members.